Dedicated to Generations who Fought for Freedom
The haunting notes of "Requiem for a Soldier" carry a profound message of remembrance, honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. For Natalja Sticco, this anthem hits close to home. As a child in Latvia, Natalja witnessed The Singing Revolution - people raising their voices in song to demand independence. She lost her own grandfathers to the ravages of World War II. Having married into a military family, Natalja understands intimately that it is only through the selfless service of generations past that opportunities exist for herself and her son today.
In 2020, still new to the United States, Natalja recorded "Requiem for a Soldier," donating all proceeds to organizations supporting veterans and military families. When war returned to Eastern Europe in 2022, the anthem took on new meaning. Friends and family were on opposing sides of the conflict, but all suffered loss.
Through haunting vocals and a stirring melody, Natalja pays tribute to the fallen. Her anthem honors not just soldiers, but all who sacrifice for ideals greater than themselves. "Requiem for a Soldier" is a call to never forget the cost of freedom - and to carry on the memory of those who gave everything to secure it. Natalja's poignant tribute inspires us to reflect, give back, and safeguard the liberty won through selfless service.

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