Possessing an expansive vocal range and captivating stage presence, Natalja Sticco has made her mark as a thrilling talent on today’s opera and classical crossover scene. As a principal artist with Ascend Classical, Natalja moves audiences with her vocal mastery across genres and registers. She is also a resident artist with The Boston Opera Creative Studio, where her versatile voice ignites exciting new operatic works.
Natalja honed her skills as a young artist with the Latvian National Opera, spending seven seasons touring with their esteemed chorus and earning cheers for her memorable performances. Now an accomplished and versatile performer, Natalja has built an enthusiastic following with her diverse catalog of opera and crossover recordings.
While Natalja’s technically strong vocals demonstrate her talent, it’s her authentic artistry and emotional resonance that truly connect with audiences. With each new triumph across musical genres, Natalja expands her reputation, reaching new fans and demonstrating her potential for widespread appeal.
Beyond her talents on stage, Natalja is also an accomplished woman of STEM. She worked as an IT Engineer specializing in artificial intelligence and robotics, including research to develop prototype robots that assist dementia patients. Her experience includes roles at companies leveraging AI language modeling to improve customer service interactions. 
Natalja connects her diverse background in music, opera, and technology through a passion for helping people make meaningful connections. Just as she uses her voice to reach audience members, Natalja's work in engineering aims to design innovations that truly understand end users' needs. Whether conveying emotion through a powerful aria or crafting intelligent systems to aid the elderly, Natalja is committed to advancing human connections.
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