Natalja has dedicated herself to supporting military families and veterans, a commitment born from personal experience and a desire to give back. Her husband is a disabled US Air Force veteran, still healing from wounds sustained decades ago. Her stepson now serves as a Captain in the US Army, and her own son dreams of serving one day too, and volunteers as a cadet with the Civil Air Patrol, the US Air Force Auxilary.

But Natalja's devotion stems from more than just her beloved family. It is rooted in her history, a heritage shaped by war and sacrifice. She lost both grandfathers to the ravages of WWII. As a child, she witnessed her country gain independence, bought with blood and courage. Having grown up surrounded by the echoes of conflict, Natalja feels a deep sense of gratitude for the service and sacrifices made by generations of military members. It is this gratitude that drives her to give back, to honor those who came before.

As an Ambassador for Mission 22, Natalja works to support veterans and families whether raising advocating for resources to prevent Veteran Suicide and improve mental wellbeing, or simply providing a listening ear. She is committed to creating a better future, where veterans never struggle alone. For Natalja, this is more than volunteer work. It is a calling and a privilege. 

By serving those who serve others, she pays tribute to the military community that has so profoundly shaped her life.
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