Let Me Comfort You
Music brings people together across borders and cultures. This truth comes alive in an exciting new collaboration between acclaimed singer Natalja and Steinway Artist BK Davis, Iowa's first African-American Steinway Artist. Davis' original composition "Let Me Comfort You" gets a thrilling new adaptation with lyrics translated into Russian by Natalja. Her sultry vocals pair perfectly with Davis' jazz piano to create a one-of-a-kind multilingual musical experience.​​​​​​​
This project shows the power of music to unite artists from different backgrounds. Natalja's Russian heritage meshes beautifully with Davis' jazz roots. Despite coming from different worlds, their shared musical passion bridges the divide. When artists pursue creative chemistry, the result can be magical.

Natalja and BK Davis have discovered that common ground with "Let Me Comfort You." Their inventive collaboration celebrates the diversity of human experience while revealing our common humanity. Music dissolves differences and inspires cooperation. With talented artists like Natalja and Davis leading the way, the future of music is one of inclusion, innovation, and global harmony. Experience the unity for yourself - listen to "Let Me Comfort You" today!
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